Barunson E&A's CI contains
the vision of growing into a multi-contents company.

Barunson E&A's CI was created with the vision of growing into a multi-content company.
The red, the point color, symbolizes Barunson E&A’s continuous challenge, passion and creative spirit, and the black stands for trust and customer satisfaction.
The strong contrast between red and black harmonizes with Barunson E&A's will to creativity.

C100 M100 Y100 K100
R 3 G 0 B 0
HEX: #030000
C2 M92 Y79 K0
R 233 G 59 B 63
HEX: #E93B3F
C14 M100 Y98 K4
R 202 G 33 B 40
HEX: #CA2128

Standard size

Korean size